Top 9 Best Hammock Underquilts

In your hunt for the best hammock underquilt, did you start by searching for the best cheap hammock underquilt?

Guilty! You don’t need to start looking from what’s cheap necessarily, but you can definitely start from the best. Because, often, in the best ones, there are gems that are very reasonably priced. That is just what we intend to show you today.

If you didn’t know already, all of our friends have recently gotten into the hype and utility of buying hammocks. Since hammock camping has become such a hobby, people are pursuing it even during the cold winter days for the fun of it and the adventure.

A hammock makes an excellent campsite when you don’t think the grounds are too friendly to let you lie down and take a break from your camping adventures. This is where hammocks come into play.

But during the winter season, being suspended mid-air, susceptible to the cold, chilly air and wind isn’t a good idea.

You need to cover up for your own benefit. You may think why need more than a blanket or a top quilt?

But a hammock underquilt is more needed than a top quilt because the chance of your being infected by flu remains. Not to mention air pockets and cold snaps that hang around your lower back and elsewhere. This is why we will be discussing underquilts.

Product Review on the Best Hammock Underquilt

1. Night Protector Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris Night Protector Ultralight Hammock Underquilt, Full Length Camping Quilt for Hammocks Warm 3 - 4 Seasons, Weighs only 28oz, Great for Camping Hiking Backpacking Traveling Beach
  • Premium Materials: SEE Polyester Filling, 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell with a DWR coating and 300T Polyester Pongee Lining that's quick warm, comfy, wind-proof and water resistant
  • 4 Seasons Quilt: Comfortable temperature range 40°F ~ 68°F (5°C ~ 20°C), great option to extend the hammock camping season to whole year; combine the underquilt and insulation of a sleeping bag and you get a winter hammock sleeping system
  • Keeping You Warm: Full length and wide (9.2ft *4ft), designed to fit snugly to all standard sized hammocks, keeping you warm and toasty in chilly temperatures, no (Cold Butt Syndrome) CBS anymore

This is one of the best winter hammock underquilt, available in 2 different colors: one is the OD green, which has two variants, and the other is Shadow grey with the same two variants.

Now, the two options of OD green and shadow grey are the 3-season one and one made especially for winter. 

Premium quality materials such as SEE Polyester filling along with 20D Ripstop Nylon-DWR coating and 3000T Polyester lining have been used to make the underquilt.

Since we chose to discuss the shadow grey one and it can be used all through the year, we can definitely call it season-proof. The optimal temperature in which you can enjoy the benefits of the underquilt has a range of 5 to 20 degrees Celsius or 40-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t mind us if we say it keeps you warm in the winter and cold in the summer, just like grandma’s thermos. It can fit most of the standard-sized hammocks, neither too big, nor too small. The bungee cord loops make the setup of the underquilt very swift and easy.


  • Tested for durability.
  • Comes with a compression sack that can be used to store items.
  • Excellent fabric that meets the purpose of hikers/campers.


  • Not so wide as some would like.

2. Aerie Down Underquilt

You will find two kinds of underquilt from them. One is the green one, and the other is colored blue. But it will be smart if you don’t pick them for colors, rather, their utility.

So the color is just a hoax. The blue one is an excellent underquilt for temperatures up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and the green one is for temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So, according to the season at hand, pick your hammock underquilt. We chose to discuss the blue one.

This is actually a sleeping bag-style hammock underquilt that can be used for five different purposes: underquilt, hammock pod, sleeping bag, double sleeping bag, or a technical blanket to warm you up.

You can be yourself with this hammock underquilt DIY options. The blanket system keeps you warmer than industry-standard underquilts making it one of the best hammock underquilt for backpacking.

The insulation and DWR treatment together make it moisture-resistant. It also weighs very light for you to have no difficulty in carrying it from place to place.

Another great thing is their Grid Baffle design. Thanks to this, you no longer face issues of cold spots, as it stays steady in its place.


  • Soft fabric for comfort.
  • Well-designed.
  • Can be used as both a top quilt and an underquilt.


  • Sewn-through baffles may trouble some users.

3. Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember Hammock UnderQuilt

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember Hammock UnderQuilt, Lightweight Sleeping Quilt for Cold Weather Camping, Navy/Royal
  • KEEP WARM IN WINTER: With polyester insulation and a hammock specific cut, our UnderQuilt surrounds your hammock sides and bottom, protecting you from sudden cold snaps
  • FAST, EASY SETUP: Adjustable shock cords allow you to set up quickly for more time nestled in toasty goodness; Works perfectly with our DoubleNest or SingleNest hammock
  • WARM, DRY PROTECTION: 40D Ripstop Nylon shell and 30D Nylon Taffeta lining with water repellent finishes; Add the Spark TopQuilt for a 40-50 degree temperature rating

This is available in 3 different color options, and this time, the colors are just that: colors. Nothing makes them better than the other except the pigments; there are no defining specifications like the previous one. So, your options are Navy/royal blue, Lime/charcoal, and lastly, Charcoal/red colors.

The underquilt is made of polyester fabric. Thanks to this insulation using polyester and the purposive cut of a hammock, the underquilt keeps you warm in winter from sudden cold snaps.

It is designed such that it can envelop your regular hammock from all sides: left, right, center, top, and bottom. With the underquilt, you get adjustable shock cords. This allows you to set things up quickly and lets you settle and nestle in faster if that is chilly weather you’re in.

It works superbly for both single nest and double nest hammocks. As we hear from users, it is one of the best underquilt for a double-hammock.

Other than polyester, the 40D Ripstop Nylon shell and 30D Nylon Taffeta lining protect you from water and moisture attacks. This is also open to the addition of top quilts.

Lastly, their Atlas suspension system is tree-friendly and hence lets you camp without necessary stands and without harming nature.


  • Robust and sturdy in terms of building.
  • Even synthetic fill keeps you protected.
  • Compressible and light to carry.


  • Not for the big hammocks.

4. Lightweight Best Hammock Underquilt

Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt. Lightweight Camping Quilt. Hammock Camping Accessories. Blue
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & PREMIUM MATERIALS. Soft polyester lining. 20D ripstop nylon shell. Polyester filling. EASY TO SET UP and take down. Compressible stuff sack for easy storage.
  • 3 SEASONS UNDERQUILT. Wind and water resistant giving you a comfortable temperature range of 40°F to 68°F (5°C to 20°C). Perfect for hammock camping!
  • FITS ALL CAMPING HAMMOCKS. Quickly and easily connects to your hammock straps/ropes.

This is again available in blue and green colors, without any special utility other than the pigment and your preference.

The hammocks are made of premium quality fabric and constructed deftly. 20D Ripstop Nylon for a water-resistant performance and 40 degrees Fahrenheit insulation make it toasty and comfortable for every sleeper.

It dries quickly and warms you up quickly. There is also a soft polyester lining and filling to finish the underquilt nicely. You will find a compressible sack that makes storage easy with the hammock.

It is very easy to set up and can be set up in all seasons to withstand them. Temperatures ranging from 5-20 degrees Celsius are optimal for this underquilt.

In order to save you from forming air pockets, this has a tapering design more extensive at the shoulder or narrower at the foot’s end. So this is not the best underquilt for Hennessy hammock, but just as beautiful for the rest.


  • Gives you head-to-toe coverage.
  • Moves with you.
  • Good quality and lightweight underquilt.


  • Won’t fit asymmetrical hammocks

5. Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan UnderQuilt

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan UnderQuilt, Ultralight Camping Quilt, Orange/Charcoal
  • WARM UP IN THE WINTER: Made from the mega cozy Primaloft Synergy insulation and makes your hammock (not included) ready for all four seasons. Also has a temperature rating of 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit when paired with a comparable top quilt.
  • MASTER THE ART OF LOUNGING: The Vulcan UnderQuilt has a differentially cut construction adapts to the natural contours of your body, keeping you cozy and snug.
  • RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY: This full-length quilt features a worry-free adjustable shock cord suspension, with a water repellent finish, keeping you dry all nap long.

You understand cozy, but have you heard of anything being called mega-cozy?

In winter, if you ask us, mega-cozy would mean lying down under the warm sun and/or in a feathery/furry bed (faux, of course) with a cup of hot chocolate and rose incense. But this hammock underquilt claims something totally different as to what mega-cozy is.

It accredits Primaloft Synergy insulation, from ENO, to make your hammock ready for four seasons all in all. You will be pleased to see the temperature rating it got: 35-45 degrees celsius, paired with a top quilt of your choice.

The construction of the Vulcan underquilt is quite different from the rest as it can contour with the shape of your body. That is very necessary if you don’t want cold air to get in and under your back and ruin the comfort you are desperately looking forward to.

This quilt made full-length has shock-cord suspensions and can keep you dry in the rain or in cold weather from dewdrops and moisture. It weighs very light at 30 ounces and can be a perfect outdoor camping companion as the best budget hammock underquilt that boasts quality.


  • Keeps you warm through cold nights.
  • Quick setup.


  • Not as compressible as you would like, could be better.

6. Compatible Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag

Hyke & Byke Crestone 0 F Hiking & Camping Hammock Sleeping Bag - 4 Season, 650FP Duck Down Sleeping Bag - Ultralight - Black - 78in - Regular
  • 0 Degree Sleeping Bag for Camping: Perfect winter hammock sleeping bag features WR 650 fill power duck down insulation with a revolutionary microscopic ClusterLoft base to keep you warm from 0 - 30 F
  • Hiking Gear: Designed for thru-hiking, backpacking and camping, this ultralight sleeping bag boasts superior weight-to-warmth ratio at only 3.58 lbs for Regular; Sleeping bag stuff sack included
  • Hydrophobic Water Repellent: DWR-Coated camping sleeping bags for adults feature 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric liner, 2 large YKK zippers with anti-snag sliders, velcro, drawstring & vertical baffles

There are four different options available from Hyke & Byke. They include the 0-degree black one, the 15 degrees black one, the 15 degrees blue one, and the 15 degrees light blue one.

You can find it in sizes regular to long ones, where the regular ones can be used by those with an average height or smaller, and the long ones are for those who have trouble keeping their feet warm and inside the hammocks.

These sleeping bags in the form of underquilts are entire of a design. You can use it in all seasons, and it measures very light too.

The compatible 650 Fill Power Down featuring a cluster base, makes the bag very durable and, at the same time, resistant to moisture. This sleeping bag can easily integrate with your hammock and act as an underquilt or a top quilt.

Say, you don’t have a hammock, rather you have a tent to live in, this bag can act as your flooring, and you can use it on the grounds to keep warm and comfortable.

They are building 4 inches wider than your regular hammocks. So, if you find yourself frequently complaining about there not being enough room, here’s one to buy.

You can stay warm and dry in temperatures ranging from 15 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and enjoy the comfort.


  • Well-insulated to keep you warm.
  • Excellent quality to keep off dew and moisture.
  • Has inside pockets.


  • None except keeping it out in the air before usage.

7. The Adventure Under Quilt, Hammock Camping Insulation

Go Outfitters The Adventure Under Quilt, Hammock Camping Insulation (Slate Gray)
  • 20 °F temp rating: synthetic insulation: can be washed and it dries quickly unlike goose down
  • Allows for a truly diagonal body position for maximum comfort when hammock camping
  • Contoured design fits all body types. compatible with all gathered end hammocks

You will find this in colors such as Slate Grey and Coyote Brown.

It has got a temperature rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to the synthetic insulation used in making the underquilt.

For this, when you think it necessary from all the debris and dirt that accumulated, you can have it washed and dried pretty fast before your next tour. It doesn’t goose down with all the water since it has been made water-resistant.

Often, the underquilts don’t help much when you want to lie down in a diagonal position, or for individual sleepers, you just seem to find yourself in those positions when you wake up because your body moves like the hands of a clock.

But this one helps in that scenario, and you can do the diagonal sleeping position comfortably. It contours with most body types and is compatible with hammocks that have gathered, not spread ends.

If you are one for matching your pieces, you will also find a matching top quilt with it, if you are willing to pay.


  • Has tie downs if you want to add insulations.
  • Comes with extra shock cords.


  • You may get cool spots if you can’t adjust it properly.

8. Hammock Underquilt Lightweight Sleeping Bag Quilt for Camping

ODSE Hammock Underquilt Lightweight 4 Season Sleeping Bag Quilt for Camping, Backpacking, Backyard - Packable Full Length Under Blanket Add Hollow Cotton
  • KEEP WARM IN THE WINTER - The OUTDOOR SKYE Underquilt makes hammock camping a four-season game.Our underquilt designs to fit snugly to the outside of your hammock. And with 300g hollow cotton added, The polyester-filled quilt surrounds the sides and bottom of your hammock, comfortable temperature range: 41°F to 77°F (5°C to 25°C), Unfolded Dimensions: 7.9' *4'; Stuffed Dimensions: 12" *7",protecting you from winter's chill.
  • MATERIALS - Polyester fabric material makes an extremely high quality and compact underquilt.
  • DOUBLE USAGE - Our hammock underquilt can also be used as blankets that give you superb warmth.

Available in colors Army green and blue, this one from Outdoor Skye keeps you comfortably warm in the winter when you are out camping. Not only in winter, but you can also use it all through the four seasons, even in the rain and sun.

It easily fits outside your hammock to give you a snug position inside. The quilt is filled with polyester and has something that you have not seen so far: a unique addition of 300 g hollow cotton, especially for the winter.

Thanks to the use of polyester, it will last long without causing trouble and can be washed.

You can use the underquilt as a blanket if need be. It fits most typical hammocks and comes with a carrying bag for your convenience. The overall weight you may have to carry if you are moving is as much as 2 lbs, so no issues here.


  • Keeps you nice and warm.
  • Good quality underquilt.


  • The tension cord lacks any attachments.

9. Underquilt Lightweight Camping Winter Sleeping Bag

KING SHOWDEN Hammock Underquilt Lightweight Under Quilt Winter Hammock Underquilt Outdoor Camping Ultralight Underquilt Keep Your Warmer Portable Quilt for Hammock (Green)
  • 【Keep Your Warm】: Thickened hammock underquilt filled with 300g hollow cotton, wrap the sides and bottom of your hammock,warm and cosy,protect you from the cold of winter,designed to fit snugly to all standard sized hammocks,banana shape perfect for single campers.
  • 【Premium Materials】: Camping hammock underquilt made of 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell, 300T Polyester Pongee Lining, 300g Hollow Cotton Filling, extremely high-quality and compact Hammock underquilt,make you feel No cold butt syndrome.
  • 【3 Seasons Underquilt】: Extremely loose design, can easily adapt to any position, lying down, curling is not a problem. Comfortable temperature range 40°F ~ 68°F (5°C ~ 20°C), great way to extend the hammock camping season.

You will find it in the colors green and black/orange, but what you are looking for in the specifications, not the colors.

This is also filled with 200 g hollow cotton inside, and also features 20D Ripstop Nylon with a water-resistant coating and 240T Polyester lining.

The design is quite loose and can easily fit all hammocks with standard size and fit. Other than the soft insides, there are durable elastic buckles that help with quick installation and removal of the hammock underquilt.

In order to be comfortable in it, you have to be sure that your camping environment falls under the 5-15 degree celsius optimal range, and you will be just toasty.


  • Keeps you comfortable in summer camps as well as in winter.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Not for diagonal sleeping.

Buying Guide for the Best Hammock Underquilt

Here is what you will need to remember when you are buying the best camping hammock underquilt

  1. As we said already, there are plenty of options and hence plenty of price ranges you may have to pick from. You will find them starting at 40/50 dollars and ranging as much as a couple of hundreds. But not sacrificing your budget and not making you purchase a bad-quality one if you want something that lasts long and in all weathers, a hundred dollars is perfect for an underquilt.
  2. The temperature will give you different ratings of your being comfortable and the point at which your underquilt will optimally give you the benefits. It is sometimes rated differently for men and women since we have different temperatures. But keep this in check.
  3. Goose down is the most insulative, but duck down works well for the price. Again, the more the fill, the more insulation you get. Synthetic down is made of polyester and retains the insulation properties while being cheap. But these tend to be more substantial.
  4. Underquilts vary in shape but are most common as rectangular blankets. These blankets come with attachment points that you can use under your hammock for the grip. Others are the type that contour with your body shape. Some of them are like sleeping bags. Make sure there is enough room for whichever type you buy. Most are 6 feet tall, nonetheless.
  5. Your underquilts weight will fall from 1 to 4 pounds. But the quality of the material and the insulation system will affect the weight.
  6. Although most of them claim to be repellant, they do compromise the insulation. So check the coating before purchasing underquilts for humid climates.
  7. Ripstop nylons, double-stitched seams, and reinforcement attachments make for the durability of the underquilts.
Best Hammock Underquilt (Recommended)

Final Word

This brings to the end of our list and the comprehensive guide on the best hammock underquilt.

A lot of the guide depends on what your pocket is willing to spare and what comfort level you are seeking. If you are buying one specific product for the winter, it will be too insulated for the summer.

If you are getting something light, it may not keep you very warm in chilly weather. So, your purpose, your intention, and the camping environment will decide what is best for you.

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