9 Valuable Hammock Camping Tips for Your Next Outing

What’s something that both scouting camps and daily hikers love a little more than their regular tent? A hammock! You will see a professional lounger or an amateur that is only growing likeness for the comfort of one of these. Whether it is camping to enjoy the warm sun or chilly night, we have some hammock camping tips for every one of you! You can’t just take a hammock and hang it up a tree, you know. It takes plenty to master the art of a comfy hammock sleep. It involves how to sleep, which accessories to carry, and how to place your tent in the right time and in the right area.

Our Top 9 Hammock Camping Tips 

Don’t think these are some hammock camping for beginners only. Everyone can benefit from it. Here they are:

hammock camping tips

Pick the Hammock Wisely

This is the first area where you need to be right, reader. You have to pay attention to the quality, material, shape, and size.

You can pack a one-person hammock if you want to travel light or a two-person hammock if you wish to that super available sleeping area. Make sure that it is abrasion-proof, has some solid webbing straps, Carabiners if possible, and, most importantly, is made of 70D ripstop nylon.

Pick the Season More Wisely

No matter how bomb your hammock under-quilt is, taking it out on a rainy day or planning for camping in the monsoon may be a bad idea. Just don’t pick any suboptimal time of the year, for that matter.

We know, the professional hammock campers may be jeering at us right now. “There’s no time for camping! We travel all year round.” Yes, it is possible to camp all the seasons if you go prepared, but we love it, especially during warm days and chilly nights.

Area Hazard

Your hammock may stretch longer than you expect it to. To save yourself the trouble, find yourself two trees well-spaced. Also, be sure the trees are safe from breaking down.

Even where you are planning to extend the hammock, check above. If some potential branches and twigs may fall straight to your face, it’ll be a bad idea to use the space. Check for anthills and beehives too.

Smiling Hammock

Your hammock may be well off a little tight, but only that. Make sure that it isn’t too tight. Your shoulder and back shouldn’t feel jammed. Feel the nice cocoon, let the hammock be hung such that it looks like a smiley face. Thirty degrees from the horizon gives you excellent sag and comfort.

Diagonal Placement

Lying diagonally across the hammock works for many. It gives you a very comfortable position to lie down in and sleep to serenity.

And in case you naturally slide down to the middle of the hammock, place your foot end higher than the head end and then lie diagonally.

Pillow for the Feet

If you feel a ridge under the legs when you lie down (happens to most of us), it isn’t something you did wrong to the hammock. It’s quite natural! But if you don’t like this, we can give you padding in the form of a pillow.

Only the issue is that you will have to remember to carry it on the trip. However, in long hammocks, you won’t face this tension.

Keep the Bugs Away

Bug nets are available in some hammocks. But in case yours doesn’t have one of these, and you don’t like fleas sitting on your nose, carry a bug net. Relax and read with the net to keep the bugs away.

Hammock Under Blankets

Your sleeping bag is not warm enough to sleep on the hammock. Using an under quilt or a sleeping pad will solve your woes plentily, especially in winter.

Because without these two, your body gets the direct cold air, and the last thing we want is to catch a cold out there while camping.

Tarp and Tent

If you have trouble setting up the hammock or lying down in it for prolonged times, you can always bring a backup in the form of a tent.

You may also add a tarp along the guy line, without expanding it across all four points. This will act as your airy, flowy rainfly.

Final Word

Here are some and not every hammock camping tips ever! You can always add to this and follow the safety measures when you do so.

Make sure you hang your hammock 3 feet above the ground and don’t stick them too! Regularly cleaning your hammocks will help you make them last a long way.

So be sure to act best with your hammock while the time lasts!

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