A Handy Guide on How to Hang A Hammock from A Tree Easily

Your hammock, the beautiful summer season, a warm and golden backyard, and some trees; all of them can be mixed and matched to unveil the most comfortable pastime. You guessed it right, lying down on your hammock between two oaks, doing nothing. But before you experience the ultimate relaxation, you need to know how to hang a hammock from a tree.

How to Hang a Hammock from a Tree

Here are 3 ways to work for you if you want to know how to put up a hammock using two trees:

How to Hang A Hammock from A Tree


There are things that we call hammock hardware. These include long stainless steel chains, big s-hooks, j-hooks, wall anchors, finger nines, and ring buckles. There could be more types of suspensions, but you don’t necessarily need to know all of them since these are the basics.

Your preference for the hardware will help you with 2 things: suspension, tension, and adjustability. These are easier to use when it comes to hanging hammocks. The advantage of using hammock hardware is that they give you great distance measurement and have a stronghold, but they can harm trees.

They aren’t also mobile, so you’re stuck with them. Another thing is that you can use them in combination with straps.


We only just mentioned hammock tree straps, and here we are. Some of the hammock users show their disinclination to hanging hammocks, using hardware because they are potential tree damagers.

Some are also skeptical of using equipment with straps. The solution? Only straps. This is the most comfortable form of hanging hammock outdoors. And the most significant advantage is that you won’t be meddling with the tree’s appearance.

There are other advantages too. Being lightweight and portable, you can carry them from place to place while camping away from home. This is also very adjustable when it comes to distance


The most traditional way to hang a hammock underquilt from a tree is by using the good old ropes. But the thing is, you won’t need only ropes with the task. You will need some excellent knot tying skills.

If you want your hammock to hang sturdily, make sure you first know how to tie the perfect, suspendable knot that can carry your blessed weight. The advantage of the using method is that ropes are simple to take while camping; they are mobile and don’t harm trees too!

And the most significant disadvantage is that if you don’t tie a secure knot, the moment you hop onto the hammock, you could head straight for the ground. If you don’t think this is your cup of tea, head back to the other two methods previously discussed! 

Notes for Yourself

Of course, the ways mentioned above can be used partially if you want to know how to hang a hammock indoors, but since we are bringing in trees, we will cover the notes with the trees only.

We are assuming you are standing between two trees before you hang your hammock. Here’s what you need to know.


Your hammock camping should be 18 inches above the ground at the least. You should be able to quickly and comfortably sit on your hammock, as you would sit on a chair.

When you are making the hammock hang, make sure that the suspension is at 30 degrees angular from the horizon. Also, make sure that you don’t make it too tightly suspended across.

Now, coming to how far up you should hang the hammock. You can secure the rope or strap or whatever you want to wish, about 48 inches above and around the trunks.

You can then tie a knot or use a Carabiner to attach the rope/tree strap to the eye of the hammock. This should serve you best. 


There should be a distance of ten to fifteen feet between the trees. Depending on how much tension you want on the hammock and whether your hammock is long or medium-sized, this distance will go up or down.

If your hammock is the spreader-bar type, the hammock, hammocks length will be equal to the gap between the trees. If your spreader bar hammock is 12 feet long, the distance between the trees should be 12 feet. But if you want to go up on the tension, you will go up on this distance.

But if you are in a natural forest and you can’t control the length or change it, you can carry ropes and straps to adjust it.

Final Word

There you go, that’s how to hang a hammock from a tree in your backyard! Now, that tree could be in your backyard like we said, or anywhere outdoors.

There are creative ways to hang a hammock (like we mentioned 3), and there are things such as the distance and height of the trees in question that you need to pay attention to. When you do all of these, you will have a pleasant and snug position to lie in!

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