Learn The Best Techniques On How To Hang A Hammock With Posts

In case you feel suffocating in your room and feel like changing the weather urgently, a hammock in the open sky may make your day. Set up a hammock at the right place and enjoy your time in nature. But are you sad about seeing no trees nearby? Luckily, you can still hang the best camping hammock for side sleepers and all using posts!

How to hang a hammock with posts? Needless to say, you need to manage two posts; of course, they have to be strong enough. Then dig them into the land so that they stand straight and can hold the weight of one or two persons. Finally, fix two bolts on the posts and set the dangling bed.

Not necessarily you will find suitable trees everywhere. Then posts or other alternatives are your only means for enjoying any camping.

how to hang a hammock with posts


How To Hang A Hammock With Posts?

Despite having no tall, stout tree at the suitable place where you want to set up the cot, you can still enjoy lounging on the best camping hammock for side sleepers hanging it with posts. Follow our experts’ suggestions below.

  1. First of all, you need to manage two strong posts. They are to be 7-8 feet tall and, of course, 6” in diameter. 
  2. Then find a piece of hard land and dig two deep holes of 3 to 4 feet dept. Put the posts there and fill the hollow roam with the land. It needs to be perfect as it will carry all the weight. Between the two posts, there should be a minimum gap of 12 to 13 feet. 
  3. Now fix two eye bolts to the posts and put each end of the hammock into them. You can now jump into the hanging cradle to have a trail.

Following our easy-to-go techniques, you can set up your favorite hammock without trees anytime, anywhere. How do you feel about trying our methods?

What Angle Should You Hang A Hammock?

You need to make some geometrical calculations in order to enjoy the best of a bunk bed. The accurate measurement for hanging is not any more than 30 degrees between the ground and the straps. Any notable change to it may spoil you all effort for enjoying time on a hammock.

This angle can help you swing your body accurately, which can give a wonderful feeling in the natural environment. But if the angle is anything more or less than this, you may not place your body comfortably or even fall down.

How High Should A Hammock Be Off The Ground?

So simple, not less than 2 feet off the ground. But it may go up depending on your own height, comfort, and preference.

If you set it up very near to the ground, you may not get the feeling of lounging on a sleigh bed. Besides, when you try to get on it, the low height may disturb you. On the other hand, a child safety hammock shouldn’t have a height of more than 2 feet. Then a child will not be able to get on it easily. At the same time, it has then the tremendous possibility of getting injured terribly if it falls down somehow. 

How Big Does A Tree Need To Be For A Hammock?

There is no limit to the height of a tree for hanging a trundle bed. But it shouldn’t be smaller than 7 to 8 feet and thinner than 6 – 7”. 

The tree you will hang the hammock on must be strong and tall enough to hold your weight. In that consideration, the taller and stronger the tree is, the better and safer you can enjoy it. 

How Do You Hang A Hammock When Trees Are Too Far Apart?

The trees you hang the hammock on shouldn’t be more than 10 to 13 feet away. But in case you find no trees within this distance and, at the same time, get no suitable alternative, you can still hang a couch on trees too far apart.

In this situation, you are to hang the hammock employing the tree straps. 

Should A Hammock Be Tight?

Of course, a cot needs to be tight, but not too tight to spoil its comfort with your own hand. When you tighten a hammock too much, its whole part takes the plain shape. This state is not compatible with your perfect stay on it.

There is a popular saying about the shape of hammocks. A perfect shape of a cradle must resemble with a banana. That is, it is to be slightly down in the middle and rise at the two ends.  

Can You Hang A Hammock On A Balcony?

Not only can you hang a hammock on a balcony, but it would also be great at the same time because then it will be easier for you to enjoy it anytime you want. You then need not bother about the weather.

Moreover, setting up a feather bed on the balcony requires less labor. You just take the drill machine and make two holes in the wall. Now, input two eye bolts there and connect the eyes of the hammock using a rope or strap.

Do Hammocks Hurt Trees?

Keeping the exceptions aside, sadly, yes- hammocks hurt trees. In fact, hammocks can kill a tree tragically. They harm trees when their ropes or straps, carrying your load for days, strips out the bark.

This stripping out of the bark leads to more dangerous threats for trees. When the bark is gone, harmful insects or fungus get the chance to deteriorate the healthy condition of the tree.

But this consequence can be avoided by our simple consciousness and care for trees. Instead of thin rope or straps, it would save the tree taking the load even if you use their wide ones. 

Trees are more valuable than our mere enjoyment. So, you must follow the techniques that could ensure all the safety for trees, the environment and ultimately our existence. 

How Do You Support A Hammock Without Trees?

Normally, hammocks are hung using two trees. But in case you don’t have suitable trees or you want to set it up somewhere else, you have several options. Then the techniques for hanging cots will change with the change of their places or tools they will hang on.

Let’s zoom in on our methods for supporting a hammock without trees and see which one you would go for.

Bolts On The Walls Or Ceiling 

In case you try to hang a bed on the balcony, you have no alternative to supporting it with bolts. You need to make holes on the ceiling or walls and install eye bolts there. Finally, the two ends of the hammock will be connected with a rope or strap.

Setting Up The Hammock In A-Frame 

You cannot find a tree inside your room. Still, you can enjoy a couch in your bedroom if you pick a frame designed for holding hammocks. Such frames made from wood or metal have two helping long rails parallel to the floor. These frames mostly have hooks or bolts where you can place the hammock.

The best advantage of this frame is that you can carry it with you. So, such a frame withholding a hammock can give you pleasure even on your roof.

Depending on the situation, you can even hang a hammock with posts, cars, in fact, anything that can hold the pressure and weight of the hammock and you, of course. So, which alternatives do you think would suit you when you have no trees for hanging a sleigh bed?

Final Thought

You now must agree that when you have the wish for enjoying cradling on a hammock, having trees or not can stop you then. It is because when there is no tree, two 7-8 feet height posts can hold your hammock if you can dig them into hard soil and fix bolts for joining the straps of the cot with them.

Besides posts, a ready-made hammock frame or the walls on your balcony can be handsome substitutes to trees for hanging a hammock. Wherever you hang it, you must maintain the accurate distance between the posts, the bed’s surface, and the land.

It is highly recommended to avoid wrapping the straps or ropes too tightly. Otherwise, the plain surface of the hammock may trouble your laying or sleeping there comfortably, and adding to the worse; the tight rope may hurt and even kill the trees.

So, when are you going to set up a hammock for waving your body in the air and feel the celestial happiness?

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