How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

If you’re wondering how to use hammock straps, then we got your back! Because setting up your hammock tent properly is one of the most important things to learn before a camping trip in the woods. 

It requires substantial technical knowledge that you may not possess. Especially new campers don’t fully comprehend how to use hammock grand trunk hammock straps.

Tying up the hammock straps correctly is perhaps the most problematic issue that beginners face. That is why today’s article would focus on how to use hammock straps for an adequate camping exercise.

Why Hammock Straps?

Quality straps are a requirement if you want a reliable and robust hammock set up. This prevents you from injuries caused by falling and provides a flat surface for a good night’s sleep. 

Straps are also Eco friendly. No point hurting the trees that are letting you use your hammock on it. Hammock straps, unlike thin ropes and cords, inflict little damage, and their more full surface spreads the stress minimizing the pressure. 

Selecting the Type 

First, you got to start with the selection of straps based on requirements. Four types of straps are there, first among which is the short strap that comes with two loops. If your wood hammock stand has a short strap, it is an anchor point and has to suspend it from a hook or something like that.

The 2nd type of strap is the long strap, which comes with two loops. A length of over 2 feet is regarded as a long strap and can be used separately with the help of anything else. Third, the eco-friendly straps are two inches in thickness and weigh more than other types. 

Finally, the easily adjustable straps are the fourth variant, with multiple loops on a particular side. These come with simple and straightforward mechanics, making it a perfect deal for beginners. You can consider this one if you’ve just started camping and learning the basics. 

How to Use Hammock Straps with Loops

Newcomers often find it difficult to set up a correct strap suspension. But we’re here to make sure you learn the process in the following steps. 

Find and Select the Variant that Would Give You Perfect Suspension

Many hammock manufacturers provide you with straps. But some may not, and in that case, you’d have to buy a strap separately. Please make sure the strap is wide so that it won’t dig inside the tree. Straps with a wider surface and gripping potential are the best. They will correctly stabilize the anchor points for more comfort. 

Find Suitable Anchor Point

Next, you’d have to find the best anchor point. Try finding wide and strong trees that have at least 12-14ft space between them. This is the correct length for a better hammock setup.

Selecting the Strap Length

Choosing the right strap length is another critical part. It relies on two things in particular. The hammock’s length and the length measured between the two anchor positions. 

You should make sure the length is adequately balanced on both sides, and your hammock will lean towards one end, making it unusable. 

Tying it Up!

Here you will learn how to use hammock tree straps correctly. This is perhaps the most complex part. Try these steps while tying the straps. 

Make a loop on both sides

How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

Then wrap around the tree with the end of the rope several times

How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

Insert the working end through the first loop

How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

Pull the end under the longer thread and back into the loop

How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

Pull the rope with the strength to tie up bowline hitch

How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

Connect your knot to the hammock with Carabiner

How to Use Hammock Straps Easy Ways

To Sum Up

Although, the instructions mentioned above can seem a little difficult the first few times. But, it will eventually look a lot less complicated once you practice it several times. 

Now, as you know, how to use wise owl hammock straps your campings would become more comfortable and more enjoyable than before! 

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